Victoria Cann-Senior Profile

photograph of Victoria Cann on a snowy day

Senior Media Studies student looks forward to life after graduation

By Brittani Tuttle

Graduation day is often a time for reflection and celebration for many college students. All of those hours slaving away on homework assignments, studying for exams, and trying your best finally produce the end result: walking across the stage and receiving a diploma.

For Victoria Cann, that time is rapidly approaching. As a December 2015 graduate and honors student, Cann is already looking toward her future, and has many plans ahead of her. She is even graduating a semester early due to arriving at college with 18 credits, which gives her a leg-up when it comes to planning for her future endeavors.

“It’s really kind of a miracle that I’m graduating early, because I started out as a music therapy major and realized it wasn’t for me […] but once I took my first Basic Newswriting class, I thought ‘Oh my gosh, I love this stuff,” said Cann as she gushed about her beginnings in the Media Studies program. “But I’m gonna apply for grad school next fall, here. It’s gonna be for corporate and professional communications”

Despite her possible future education, Cann still has great career aspirations that she hopes to accomplish, even if they are close to home.

“[I would like to be] an anchor on the news, like, local news. I don’t want to go corporate. I would even pursue being a news producer, or a news director. But not using my degree, I want to be a stay-at-home mom,” said Cann as she laughed.

For Cann, home is quite far from here in Radford, Va. Hailing from North Central, W. Va., Cann has found it difficult to pursue her career there, which is why she hopes to return to Radford in the fall.

“From where I’m from, it’s very difficult to find an internship, and I’m graduating without one […] and you’re not getting a job without experience,” said Cann. “It’s a very small town, for sure.”

Cann believes that the Communications graduate program here at Radford University is the best fit for her, when it comes to what she needs to prepare for her future.

“For grad school, I know a lot of people say ‘Oh, you should branch out, go to grad school somewhere other than your alma mater,’ but I haven’t found a communications grad school that really fits what I want to do,” said Cann. “I love the idea of [the masters degree] being Corporate and Professional Communications, because I have my undergrad specialized in journalism, so I don’t want a specialized masters degree.”

Cann sees her impending graduation as a bit of a bittersweet farewell to her undergraduate life, saying that earlier in the semester, she wasn’t ready to graduate and grow up, but now is ready to jump headfirst into the real world and, as she described it, “get this adulting thing going.”

Dec 14, 2015
School of Communication