Radford senior takes sports reporting to a new level

Thomas Dindinger-Class of "17

By Kevon DuPree                                                                

The tall, red-headed young man walks into class on Monday afternoon looking down at his smartphone. He’s checking the NFL scores from the day before and seeing how he fared in his fantasy football league.

This sports-crazed individual is Thomas Dindinger and he has been a huge sports fan for as long as he can remember.

Dindinger, 23, is a senior at Radford University, majoring in media studies with a concentration in journalism. In addition to watching sports, he enjoys writing articles about them and plans on making that his profession soon after he graduates in May of 2017.

To get his sports writing fix, Dindinger writes for Varsity Views, a website for aspiring journalists who share a passion for sports and sports reporting.

He first heard about Varsity Views from one of his professors. “Before the semester, I had no clue what it was. One day, I was talking with Dr. Kasoma about how I could build my portfolio and get a few published articles on there.”

Dindinger has been writing for Varsity Views since the beginning of September and has 10 articles published to date. “About half of them are football related. I did one on the passing of Arnold Palmer and one about the Cleveland Indians. They’re pretty much all centered around baseball, football, or basketball,” he explained.

Dindinger’s favorite article that’s been published is his first one, entitled 2016 Rookie Receiver Class has Record-Breaking Potential. Dindinger stated, “It wasn’t my best but, it got the most attention.”

His first article turned out to be a big hit amongst his fellow journalists. “It ended up getting over 100 likes and I won a contest for the best article for the month of September,” he said with a smile on his face. To commend his great work, Varsity Views sent him a package with a Varsity Views t-shirt and writing supplies.

Dindinger says that one of the best things about being a writer for Varsity Views is working with co-founder Joe Betcher. “He’s always sending me feedback and it’s actually really helpful. He doesn’t tell you how you should’ve done something, but he gives you options on how you can improve your writing.”

When he’s not writing for Varsity Views, doing schoolwork, or working at one of his two jobs, this Riner, Va. native enjoys fishing, hunting, playing video games, and of course, playing sports.

He plans to move to South Carolina after he graduates and begin his sports journalism career. He hopes to one day become a writer for either SportsCenter or Fox Sports.

Dindinger’s love of sports is evident both in his lifestyle and his writing. His devotion to the sports world will certainly serve him well in the journalism field.  

Nov 18, 2016
School of Communication