The Tartan Appoints New Leaders

Tartan staff
Front row from left to right: Brittany North, Erin Cafferty and LeeAnn Scarberry Back row from left to right: Maria Uzel, Jennifer Bennett and Michael Marzzacco.

By Kimberly Busch

As many Radford students and staff may know, “The Tartan” is Radford University’s student-run newspaper. It provides information and news that may be of interest to the students and the community. There are always positions open for students, especially when there is a desire for more writers.

This year, many managerial and editing positions opened up and were given to staff members who had already held assistant editing positions. With new management, brings new goals to the publication, and that is what the new Editor-in-Chief Erin Cafferty, hopes to accomplish.

In an effort to raise awareness, “The Tartan” staff hands out flyers in front of the Bonnie, every Wednesday at 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. as well as hanging posters across campus. They have been advertising positions that are paid as well as searching for more writers and photographers for this year, as well as the upcoming year.

For the current year Cafferty announced Brittany North as managing editor, Maria Uzel as the new scene editor, Jennifer Bennett as insights editor, and Cheyanne Carlile as photography manager.

Those who have returned are News Editor LeeAnn Scarberry and Sports Editor Michael Marzzacco.

With a new team on board, Cafferty and other editors were pleased to see the first issue of the semester being published. “We had staff that really stepped up, that were on staff last semester; so that really helped,” Cafferty said. “We are just really focused on getting the students involved more, getting more writers and getting more people on staff.”

North replied by saying, “we are trying to make “The Tartan” a better newspaper.” She adds, “And we want to make a connection with the students again.”

The school year is coming to an end and editors who will be graduating, like North, will need to find replacements.

Candidate for editor-in-chief, McKenzie Gibbons, jumped at the opportunity after hearing there was an opening for next year. “I love the hustle and bustle,” she said.

Being a junior herself and having a passion for journalism, Gibbons plans to continue on with “The Tartan” until it is her year to graduate.

 As new editors search for their replacements, assistant editors have also done a huge part in helping the newspaper. Cafferty says that this has made it easier on the publication, when trying to figure out the future of the paper. As of now, it is in good hands.

Apr 1, 2016
School of Communication