School of Communication Expands Summer Course Offerings With Online Delivery

Dr. Matthew J. Smith-Director, School of Communication

By Courtney Young

The School of Communication has expanded its summer course offerings to allow students the opportunity to get ahead, get caught up, or stay on track by taking more courses during Maymester, Summer I, Summer II, and Summer III sessions.

These courses include Public Speaking, Digital Imaging, Media History, Media Law and Ethics, Introduction to Advertising, Research Methods in Communication, and Media and Society. Also, as always, the summer internship option is open.

Director of the School of Communication, Dr. Matthew Smith, wants students to take advantage of the expansion of summer course offerings.

“Part of my concern is making sure students know we have certain courses and that they sign up early, students mostly sign up last minute, and many aren’t even worried about their summer classes until May,” Smith says.

In the coming weeks after spring break, students will be meeting with their advisors to schedule new classes and after that the college will have a better idea of what classes will make and what classes will go.

The mostly online delivery of the summer courses has a huge advantage given that students normally take on summer jobs.

“A perennial problem is that everyone goes home, trying to get people to stick around for classes is a fruitless pursuit,” Smith added on the subject of offering the expansion of online classes.

To avoid the problem of courses not making, Smith wants to see students sign up early for summer courses.

“In some cases, highly motivated students or students who may not have passed classes the first time around have this safety net [of online summer classes]. These classes are in jeopardy if we don’t get them filled up,” Smith says.

Students are advised to get educated early on what courses are being offered as well as their financial aid options with summer courses

Mar 20, 2017
School of Communication