COMS Study Abroad Program

Group of COMS students in London
Students on a past study abroad class to England pose for a picture

Dr. Turner and 12 students to undertake an exciting summer study abroad trip

By Victoria Hill

This summer the interim director of the School of Communication, Dr. Matthew Turner, along with 12 students will make the long trek across the Atlantic Ocean to England for an exciting study abroad opportunity.

Beyond England, there are trips planned to Lyon, France and Geneva, Switzerland, as well, over the three-week study abroad period.

Turner explained that in England there are two classes offered namely, “Media and Society” and “International and Intercultural Communication”.

“For the most part everybody goes on the same experiences so we’re going to have tours of TV stations, go to radio and TV tapings, go to museums, go to cultural sites like Stonehenge,” Turner said. The trip also entails guest speakers.

The trip will also have an optional internship component. The internship route will involve staying an additional three weeks.

Turner explained that the cost for the trip varies. It comes down to how many classes you choose to take and whether or not you plan on staying for the internship. Turner said, “Typically it will range between $6,000-$10,000, which includes airfare, tuition, books and lodging.” The cost also covers other program-related expenses.

This trip is nothing new for Turner as this will be his eighth trip with students within the past 10 years. “The past few years we’ve been switching back and forth between London and New Zealand and Australia; so one year London and the next Australia,” Turner says.

Overall, study abroad is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a variety of different cultures. It also creates a unique learning environment for students. This trip and the trips planned in the future enhance students’ knowledge not only academically but culturally as well.

Apr 28, 2016
School of Communication