What's New for Student Media

Ana Frederick-Editor in Chief of the Beehive
Ana Frederick-Editor in Chief of the Beehive, hard at work

By Darcy Anderson

While some students were packing boxes, bags, and vehicles for move in day, Radford’s student media were unpacking boxes, shifting around desks, and enjoying their new office.

Student media used to be located in 512 Davis St. on Dark Side. “We were off campus for five years in apartments. And that was far from ideal to put it mildly,” said Geoff White, assistant director for student media.

Stephanie Brown, the general manager of Radio Free Radford agrees. "Last year when I would talk to interested students and tell them where we were located they would almost never show up because they couldn't find it. They would think that the apartment building wasn't the office," she said.

According to White, the decision started back in April of this year, but the official move did not start until three weeks ago when the office space that used to be for the Center of Diversity and Inclusion was cleared out.

But the move was not as simple as they thought. Mold grew over the summer, so the leaders had to put dehumidifiers in every room to counteract the mold. There were some damages during the move including a desk falling and the student media plaque getting scratched up. When the other leaders came for training week, there were “big desks and cabinets everywhere,” according to Ana Frederick, editor-in-chief of the Beehive. She adds in, though, “everyone worked together really well.”

There are still many more tasks to complete before the move in is complete, including changing the sign outside the office, but the leaders love their new place. “It was awe inspiring to go from the offices that we did have to our new home. We were so cramped at the old offices but we come here and have spaces for conferences,” said White.

There are also new things happening in the individual student media outlets as well.

The Tartan (Radford’s weekly student newspaper) will be publishing weekly full color articles, try to include articles about the election and other national news in their news beat, and has all new editors, according to the new editor-in-chief Maria Uzel.

The Beehive (Radford’s yearbook) is going to have more pages, try to make everyone feel involved, and have a new theme, according to the new editor-in-chief Ana Frederick.

Exit 109 (Radford’s Literary and Arts magazine) will be choosing between a “confidential” or a “biology” design and will try to include mixed media forms such as pictures of artwork by students, according to editor-in-chief Molly Mattox.

Radford On Camera is currently working on a pre-production for a show they are doing. They plan on going around campus with a camera videotaping everyday lives of students. Radford On Camera will also be making more news broadcasts according to executive producer Daniel Willingham.

The Whim (Radford’s online magazine) has a new editor-in-chief, Alex Burnley, who plans to bring in inter-organizational projects.

Finally, Radio Free Radford (Radford’s online radio) plans to reach out to students and make the station more popular, according to the new general manager Stephanie Brown.

Sep 15, 2016
School of Communication