Alumnus returns to share the secret to his success in the journalism field

Sam Wall photo

By Lea DeMatteo

Radford University alumnus Sam Wall returned to the university on April 13 to speak at the annual Communications Week event.

Wall, 26, graduated spring 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in media studies and a concentration in journalism.

He is currently a community news editor for “The News Messenger” and “Radford News Journal”, both based out of Christiansburg, Virginia.

Covering school news for both papers, school board meetings, writing feature pieces, and covering a wide array of meetings, Wall has became the jack of all trades in the journalism world.

Wall credits the dedication and constant encouragement of his professors in the School of Communication for preparing him for the real world.  

“I learned a great deal from professors like Kelley, Dr. Kasoma and Staniunas,” he said. 

Wall shared his personal insights and advice with an enthusiastic group of students in the Bonnie Auditorium participating in the annual Communications Week events. Addressing the crowd, he stressed the importance of getting an internship in this field.

Beyond getting an internship, Wall advised students to be involved with student news publications and student media in general.

As a student, Wall served as a scene and sports writer for “The Tartan” and knows the importance of being an involved journalism student. In his final semester, he served as the editor for the insights section.

Wall also landed an internship with “Salem Times-Register” his senior year at Radford. Writing several articles across different beats during his internship, he believes it set the foundation for his present day career.

“There are plenty of small publications that will give you the experience you want and need,” he said. He continued, “They may not pay much or anything at first, but they can lead to something better, and they often times need your help as much as you need theirs.”

Wall was ecstatic to share his post graduation experiences. He hopes to instill a positive mindset on those who are preparing for graduation in the upcoming years.

Sam Wall proves to be yet another successful School of Communication alumnus showing that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

Apr 14, 2016
School of Communication