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Revolutions in Communication, 2nd edition 

“A clear benefit of the second edition Revolutions in Communication is its focus on recent technological revolutions in media. As I tell my undergraduate media history students on the first day, the one constant in professional journalism and related fields is technological change. Seeing how people in the past have dealt with change, as outlined in Kovarik's book, offers a way of keeping history relevant while grappling with shifts in media technologies.” –  Jane Marcellus, Middle Tennessee State University, USA  

Revolutions in Communication 

Media History from Gutenberg to the Digital Age 

Bill Kovarik

Updated to reflect new research, Revolutions in Communication continues to provide students and teachers with the most readable history of communications, while including enough international perspective to get the most accurate sense of the field. Using key figures in history to benchmark the chronology of technical innovation, Kovarik's exhaustive scholarship narrates the story of revolutions in printing, electronic communication and digital information, while drawing parallels between the past and present.

Dec 9, 2015
School of Communication