Meet ROC-TV’s News Director, Annie Schroeder


By Terell Bailey

Passionate, sarcastic and hard working are three adjectives Annie Schroeder uses to describe herself. Since childhood these three words have helped Schroeder prepare herself for a career in broadcast journalism.

Originally from McLean, Virginia, while in high school Schroeder participated in her school’s morning news team. She said of the experience, it was “during that time [that] I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Since then, Schroeder has been continuously working on ways to master her future profession and she knows she has what it takes for a career in broadcasting.

“Some people are great at ice-skating, or running a mile in four minutes, but journalism is the only thing I’ve been able to do well naturally while keeping me in my comfort zone,” Schroeder adds.

Schroeder a junior majoring in media studies, with a concentration in journalism, and a minor in criminal justice, one day plans to take America by storm with her talent.

Schroeder says, “I’ve always loved broadcast journalism and it’s always been super natural to me!”

Currently she’s the news director for ROC-TV. She also writes for The Tartan -- the student-run newspaper. Outside of what she learns in her COMS courses Schroeder decided to become involved in student media in order to gain more experience with her writing and video reporting.

“In this industry you need to be able to do multiple things to be more employable,” Schroeder adds.

According to Schroeder, “although being the news director for ROC-TV can be complicated at times,” she enjoys having the ability to gain knowledge of the happenings on campus and connecting with students from all sorts of backgrounds.

Schroeder says her main goal this semester is utilizing social media to deliver news to the student body quicker. During the week she spends most her time on campus and always finds ways to report on things.

“Whenever something happens if I’m available to report on it, I will pull out my phone and start recording,” Schroeder said.

With one year until graduation, she wants to focus on learning everything she can about the broadcast industry, and snagging a local internship with a broadcast company.

Between classes, her positions on campus, and working at the Blacksburg Country Club, Schroeder rarely has free time but when she does, she enjoys spending it with her dog Stella.

After graduation, she has exciting plans to either move to Richmond or Washington D.C. to pursue a career in crime-news reporting.

Feb 13, 2017
School of Communication