PRSSA pleased with outcome of recent Radford Gives Back Drive

PRSSA Executive Committee-17-18
Left to right: Savannah Frazier, public relations coordinator; Briana Bittner, special events coordinator; Hannah Shouse, president; Clare McMurry, vice president; Grace Milauskas, secretary; and Shania Williams, Treasurer.

By Julia Nunez

The recent Radford Gives Back Drive, which PRSSA helped organize realized 15,000 food items, continuing on the success of last year’s drive.

Last year’s goal was to collect 10,000 food items, but 14,000 were collected. 

Radford Gives Back is a campus wide food drive to help feed students in the local school system. All of the donations go to Bobcat Backpack Program -- a local philanthropy that helps feed over 115 Radford City students. With this program, kids are able to take home bags of food each weekend.

For PRSSA president, Hannah Shouse, this was not the first time she was working with the Bobcat Backpack Program. Last semester for her strategic event planning class she worked with the program and loved what they do for these kids.

As a graduate from Radford High School, the purpose of the drive and its success really hits close to home for Shouse. She and fellow PRSSA members therefore made sure that when it came to spreading the word about Radford Gives Back, they did everything. This included making multiple flyers and posting them all around campus, on TV monitors in every building and also got in contact with different departments.

Some PRSSA members even posted live video via snapchat to help spread the word about the event.

With every event there are strengths and weaknesses. Shouse shares what she thought went well and what could have gone better.

“Major strength was getting volunteers. Everyone knew how important it was to make sure these kids were taken care of, so we had a lot of help. A weakness was not receiving enough of one item,” Shouse said.

Shouse, who will be graduating this spring, hopes that the drive will continue to build on its successes and have more students and other local community members participate.

Meanwhile, Shouse wants you to keep your eyes peeled for more PRSSA events and other fundraisers. These include a Photoshop workshop and a LinkedIn headshot workshop that will draw in a lot of seniors who will be searching for jobs as graduation approaches. But Shouse adds that it will also be a knowledgeable workshop for students of all levels. 

Nov 13, 2017
School of Communication