Media Studies Junior is Radford University’s Coca-Cola Ambassador

Monica Levitan, Coca Cola Ambassador for Radford University

By Aubrey Woodward

Monica Levitan, a media studies major and sociology minor is serving as the campus ambassador for the Coca-Cola corporation.

“My job entails that I have to promote the products on campus so I’ll hold events. I had an event yesterday in the Bonnie where I handed out Sprite Cranberry just to students,” she said.

Levitan’s main responsibility is introducing students to new products. She hands out free stuff, “just to get people aware of products that Coke owns because they really own over 230 products,” she explained.

The job requires a lot of communication and coordination between different sections of the University.

“It’s very stressful, you definitely have to be on top of it. I have to do a lot of meetings, I have to meet with people who are in student activities and people who are in dining just to make sure everything is okay permit-wise and I’m allowed to do this stuff because I don’t want to get in trouble with the University,” she elaborated.

Levitan may be the only ambassador on Radford’s campus but for the Coca-Cola corporation, she is one of many.

“Right now they have 81 ambassadors across the country for schools and they have monthly webinars where…they talk to us about what’s coming up on our calendar and what we should be promoting and what we should be looking for and stuff like that,” Levitan described.

Levitan said she received the job in a very unorthodox way. “Funny story, actually over the summer somebody messaged me on LinkedIn and asked if I wanted to apply for the job.”

Apart from being an ambassador for Coca-Cola, Levitan is also involved in many different societies on campus.

“I’m a part of two honor societies and three other clubs. I’m in leadership positions in those as well,” Levitan added. “I just got inducted into the communications honor society, Lambda Pi Eta.”

She also has advice for students looking to get involved on campus.

“I would say start out by attending club fair because obviously, people are around there, they want people to join, they want to expand their clubs and organizations,” Levitan recommended.

She continued, “making sure that you keep up with your resume and LinkedIn, obviously, I did that and that’s what got me the job.”

Levitan also suggested a Radford University specific resource: “RUinvolved is also very helpful.”

Dec 5, 2016
School of Communication