Journalism Senior Miles Bates Lands Job at Southwest Times

Miles Bates sitting at desk looking at camera

By Lea DeMatteo

Journalism senior Miles Bates hasn’t even tossed his cap up yet and has landed a full time position as a general assignments reporter at “The Southwest Times”.

Bates, who is scheduled to graduate this summer, said his interest in journalism sparked when he was enrolled at The Kubert School in New Jersey after realizing that comic book art wasn’t his true passion. He found that writing art-related content and investigative reporting was what he truly enjoyed.

Bates, 23, will be covering several meetings for “The Southwest Times”, including local and county government meetings and school board meetings. He will also be writing feature stories.

His story on the recent Donald Trump rally at Radford University landed the front page of “The Southwest Times”. Only a few weeks into the job Bates has proved himself as an asset to the publication.

Bates will be working full-time and will also be finishing his education as a full-time student. With a lot on his plate he remains in good hopes to excel at this amazing opportunity.

“I’m extremely excited and anxious, I didn’t think this would happen to me before I graduate,” Bates said.

Bates said he feels confident to enter the journalism field and credits his success to the support of all his professors, adding that Dr. Twange Kasoma’s basic news writing and Professor Leigh Anne Kelley’s news reporting classes gave him the skills to learn how to write with meaning and improve his writing skills. 

“All the wonderful instructors here are very knowledgeable and willing to assist you,” Bates said. He continued, “The more engaged you are in class the more they are going to reveal to you and clarify points, as opposed to just sitting in the corner.”

Bates’ dedication to Radford University student news publications, “The Tartan” and “Whim” where he contributed several news pieces and photography also helped prepare him for his job.

Bates believes the hardest part of this industry is getting a step in the door especially while you are still a student, but he proves it can happen. He is ready to be able to focus on a job that he enjoys, and not have to balance between work, school, and student media. He continues to set the bar high for media studies students and proves that getting a job while being a student is difficult, but it is possible. 

Mar 22, 2016
School of Communication