New professor brings passion and excitement to the School of Communication

Michael Meindl

By Kevon DuPree                                                                                           

The distinguished middle-aged man quietly works on his laptop in his office, located on the second floor of the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building.

As his colleagues walk by his open door, he peeps his head up for a quick second to say, “Hello,” and then his focus returns to his computer screen.

This mild-mannered individual is Michael Meindl. Meindl was hired on Aug. 10 as an assistant professor in the School of Communication.

Meindl grew up in the small town of Butternut, Wisconsin, located four hours north of Madison. “It’s a very small place. The population is about 375 people and my high school graduating class was only 30,” Meindl said. Once he was ready to go off to college, he decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he majored in theatre studies.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Meindl pursued a Master of Arts degree in theatre from Oklahoma State University and later received a Master of Fine Arts degree in dramatic media from the University of Georgia.

Before arriving at Radford, Meindl lived in New York City and taught at four institutions within the greater New York area. “When I tell people I used to work at four schools in three different states, they say, ‘Well, your new job must seem like a vacation’,” he joked. Meindl says he enjoys teaching, which was evident by his dedication to travel from state-to-state on a daily basis.

Although he’s moved far from New York City, Meindl says he still feels connected in some ways. “I’m a big city guy and I enjoy driving. So, I don’t mind driving eight hours to go back up to New York every now and then.” He says he really misses the variety of food options and the surrounding area the Big Apple has to offer.

Meindl currently teaches three courses at Radford: COMS-146 (Media Performance), COMS-246 (Audio Production), and COMS-446 (TV Studio Production). His ultimate career goal is to become a tenured faculty member.

In his spare time, Meindl likes to read fantasy novels, watch shows on Netflix, and work on several of his independent film projects. “There’s a lot of work that goes into making a film, but it’s certainly worth it.” He’s hoping to one day see his work on display at a prominent film festival.

Also, Meindl recently adopted a cat from the Radford Animal Shelter. He named his cat, Conway Kitty, and says he’s always been an animal lover. “I’ve always preferred cats over dogs. I used to have four cats but I started moving a lot so I had to leave them with my mom and dad.” Meindl spends a good deal of his free time nurturing Conway.

As Meindl settles into his new environment, he hopes to leave a lasting impression on every student he encounters here at Radford. With the passion for teaching he displays regularly, it’s not farfetched to believe he will do just that.

Sep 6, 2016
School of Communication