Turner Selected for Television Academy Faculty Fellowship

Dr. Matthew Turner

By Kevin Stump

Dr. Matthew Turner has been selected to participate in the Television Academy Faculty Fellowship.

The fellowship, with all expenses fully paid, will involve a week-long trip to Los Angeles in November.

The fellowship is the Television Academy’s way of drawing in academics and getting them interested in the industry as well as teaching them more about the industry.

Acknowledging this, Turner said, “I’m not as into television as others might be.” He continued, “So for me it’s an opportunity to learn about it and to meet the people behind the scenes mostly, which is the exciting part.”

Asked how he plans to use what he will learn at the fellowship, Turner said, it will be for the benefit of his students. “To talk to the students, bring that stuff back to the classroom, say here’s how it runs, here’s how you can get started.”

Turner also looks at the fellowship as a good networking opportunity.

According to the Television Academy’s website, the fellowship will cover a variety of topics. These include, how producers and writers function, similarities and differences in working in different genres for directors, network and cable decision making in media, and behind-the-scenes visits to see how the industry works, plus the newest technologies being implemented.

The fellowship is very competitive. Only 25 professors coming from all kinds of areas and backgrounds are selected nationally to participate. 

Oct 13, 2016
School of Communication