Dr. Zoch Seals the Deal with Oxford University Press

Dr. Lynn Zoch, Radford University

By Christian Fore        

For years Dr. Lynn Zoch has been an outstanding professor at Radford University. Now, she will become the most recent of her colleagues to have a book published.

The working title of the book is Strategic Media Relations in the Age of Information: An Evidence-Based Approach.

For Zoch, not just any publisher would do. “We decided to start at the top,” she said with a smile, “We knew we could always lower our expectations.” They not only started at the top, but they were able to find a home there as well with the prestigious Oxford University Press.

She is not in this journey alone, however. Zoch will be working alongside Dr. Dustin Supa of Boston University. The two have known each other and worked on research together since 2005, and Zoch says that he has become more like family than a co-worker.

“My husband and Dustin have become great friends,” she said. “He and I will be on the phone, discussing the book and we are so in sync with one another that I will start a sentence and he can finish it.” She knows that, when it comes to writing an effective book, it takes more than a partnership, “It really is all about the chemistry.”

The process of gathering information for the book started in August of 2015. Zoch met her Oxford University Press editor at the annual meeting of the Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication. After that meeting, she and Supa submitted a book proposal, went through a peer review process, and then resubmitted with changes. In all, they received reviews from 15 anonymous public relations faculty across the country. In April of this year the editor finally gave them the news they had been waiting for. “Oxford is ready to go in this direction and you two are the right authors, at the right time.”

The process of writing a book and having it be published aren’t the biggest struggles Zoch and Supa have had to overcome. The over 700 miles between the two authors is a wide chasm, but for both of them, prioritizing their time day-to-day is the hardest thing. “I’m teaching three classes, I’m overseeing the entire School of Communication’s assessment effort, I’m the chair of the personnel committee and I’m in charge of the re-certification of the public relations program,” she said with amazement. “When do I have time to write?”

Zoch knows that she is a teacher first, but she has always wanted to write and create her own material to contribute to her field of study. “It is certainly not a recent dream of mine.”

This book is an amazing accomplishment for Zoch, Supa and Radford University. It is also a culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication to her craft that we all get to utilize inside and outside of the classroom.

Sep 22, 2016
School of Communication