Lambda Pi Eta president Kristina Contreras readies for induction ceremony

Kate Wright, Kristina Contreras and Emily Radcliffe at a Lambda Pi Eta event

By Emily Shoemaker

Not only is Kristina Contreras a hardworking, very busy graduate student getting her master’s in corporate and professional communication, but she is also the president of the School of Communication’s honor society, Lambda Pi Eta.

It’s getting to be an exciting time of the year -- this year’s induction ceremony is coming up during Communication Week, or COMS Week, on April 15 at 11 a.m. in the Bonnie Auditorium.

“Lambda Pi Eta has a high standard for our members that we are very proud of. In order to be a member, there must be a GPA minimum not only cumulatively, but within the Communication major itself. Being able to meet these standards shows the dedication our members have to their studies and desire to excel,” Contreras explained.

As of right now, Lambda Pi Eta has between 30-40 active members and they are looking to spread awareness around campus. “Our hope is that other students will see the work we are doing and strive to be members as well, allowing us to grow and excel even more,” Contreras said.  

She added that membership is $55. That includes the lifetime membership, certificate, pin and graduation cords. Once someone receives the invitation to join they can pay the membership fee to the School of Communication and they are all set.

Contreras was inducted into Lambda Pi Eta in the spring of 2014 and then she became vice president. She was told that they were working with a blank slate and she and the president could do whatever they wanted to. “I wanted us to be more than just an organization on our resume. I thought that we should really represent more than having good grades, but to be a part of something larger,” Contreras said. She continued, “We need to give back to the community, do things for our campus, and represent the School of Communication in the best way possible.”

That is just what has been happening. Lambda Pi Eta has a table at club fair every year, as well as an annual fundraiser in the fall at BT’s for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation and they help sponsor the carnival at COMS Week.

Contreras is very proud to call herself a member of Lambda Pi Eta and wants others to get the same experiences as she has had.

“Giving back to the community and the School of Communication has given me such great joy, as I cannot thank my professors and the administrators enough for the experiences they have given me that I will use throughout my life and career,” Contreras said.

Contreras explains how great of a privilege it is to be part of this amazing organization. “Being a member is an honor; you have earned it through your hard work and dedication to your studies. Be involved. Take Risks. Create Opportunities,” Contreras said.

Apr 7, 2016
School of Communication