ADSCAPE receives National Award

Students preparing for a day of ad-filled adventure. Photo credit - DAP: Discovering Advertising Proteges offical facebook page

A day of ads, a day of students flirting with potential now earns national recognition

By Miles Bates

AFF Roanoke will be recognized at the 2016 Mosaic Awards -- an awards show that shines a light on group projects highlighting “multicultural communities” -- on June 5.

This award honors companies and organizations that created and followed through with certain programs. These programs are based on student diversity, and inclusiveness; while underlining career opportunities inside the advertising industry.

The category AFF Roanoke won recognition for Adscape was Multicultural Student Programs.

School of Communication professor and co-chair of AFF Roanoke’s diversity committee Leigh Anne Kelley helped launch Adscape off the ground, and into student hands, on Oct. 29, 2015.

Adscape was a day-long event featuring presenters such as director of photography Jamie Nabers. His background includes work related to feature films and music videos.

In the eyes of Kelley, the purpose of Adscape was to link students from multicultural backgrounds to the world of advertising. Eighty-seven students hailing from different schools were a part of Adscape. Mostly comprising high school juniors and seniors, students poured in from Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Montgomery County and Radford.

She said that there were 17 sessions to Adscape, covering topics such as public relations, design, and of course, advertising. Even current advertising, journalism and public relations students helped Kelley run Adscape.

With Adscape, Kelley said that African Americans was the target audience. The goal was to have 10 percent of the entire student group to be representative of this audience. Adscape was actually successful in exceeding that goal.

“The fact that southwest Virginia is getting national recognition is fantastic,” Kelley said.

So, why was Adscape important to her? 

“Agencies and media communities are looking for diversity,” Kelley said.

As proud as she is of that recognition, she also has high hopes that Adscape is an example of what Radford University has to offer students.

Even though she would like to help perpetuate a vision of what other communication based disciplines could offer, Adscape focused on advertising. Kelley said Adscape worked because of focus.

“I think focus is important,” Kelley said.

What stood out to her about Adscape were comments students made. Some of them said they could even picture themselves working in advertising and public relations.

Her team is ecstatic to have another opportunity to continue Adscape in 2016.

Kelley will be attending the Mosaic Awards at the Disneyland Hotel and Resort.

Currently, she is fine-tuning a video for audiences at the awards. It will provide them with an understanding of what Adscape was all about, highlighting doors that could be opened when images, text and diversity are combined.

Apr 12, 2016
School of Communication