Senior Media Studies major named Board of Visitors Student Representative

Kevon Dupree

Senior Kevon Dupree Named Board of Visitors Student Representative

By Thomas Dindinger

Kevon Dupree a senior, majoring in media studies, with a concentration in journalism, filled the position for the 2016-17 Board of Visitors Student Representative, back on May 6.

Dupree grew up in the Chesapeake area of Virginia and was raised in a very tight knit family along with his older brother who also attends Radford University.

“My biggest inspiration to get so involved on campus is to help out and give back to my mother, who has helped me so much throughout my entire life,” said Dupree.

He isn’t your average college student. He has been involved in multiple extra curricular activities around Radford’s campus since arriving in 2013. He wrote for The Tartan during his freshman year. He has been involved with the Quest orientation program for the past three summers. Dupree has been persistent in making sure his four years at Radford were spent bettering himself for the future.

Dupree is currently working in the dean of student’s office in Heth Hall. He was approached one morning by Dr. Irvin Clark, who was the dean of students at the time but has since been promoted to vice president of student affairs. Clark told him that he wanted to recommend Dupree for a position. “I didn’t really know much about it at the time, but I figured if he recommended me for the job then I better apply for it,” Dupree said.

His interview for the position was on Friday May 6. “I went in for the interview at around 10 a.m. and within hours I received a personal phone call from President Penelope Kyle telling me that I had been appointed to the position of the Board of Visitors Student Representative,” said Dupree.

The role of a student representative will require him to take any issues or complaints that students around campus may or may not have up to the board of visitors. Then they can take whatever actions necessary to take care of them.

To be appointed to this position would be an honor for most students because of the responsibility that it holds. It’s obvious that Dupree made an immediate impression on the right people to land this job. He is a prime example of a hardworking college student, and his actions have proved that.

Much of the work that Dupree has and will be doing is very beneficial to the Radford University community. Much like the college here at Radford, the future for Kevon Dupree looks very bright. 

Sep 6, 2016
School of Communication