Dupree Revives Omicron Delta Kappa at Radford University

Kevon Dupree, Class of '17 & BOV Student Representative

By Amy Caudill

Kevon Dupree, a senior media studies major and Board of Visitors student representative has a vision of bringing Omicron Delta Kappa back to Radford University after a 7-year hiatus.

ODK, which is a national leadership honor society with 100 years of history across the United States, had a circle at Radford until 2009. The main aim of the ODK founders was to bring student leaders together in a central organization.

Requirements for ODK membership include being in the top 35 percent of your class, holding junior or senior standing, and being involved in one or more of the “five phases of campus life”: scholarship, journalism, athletics, campus services, and creating and performing arts.

Dupree said ODK was first presented to him on May 6 by the former Vice President for Student Affairs, Mark Shanley. Assistant Director for Student Activities/Student Involvement John Leonard met with Coordinator of Student Organizations Ben Litvak to get the application.

Dupree then began the process of getting a circle started up again at Radford. First, he had to fill out a new student organization form through RUInvolved, then meet with Litvak to draft a constitution—which he is still in the process of doing.

One thing he likes about ODK is that it is for juniors and seniors and is more geared toward community service.

“It’s not just something you throw on a resume and forget all about. It’s not just a celebration of your grades, or a pin you wear on your blazer or dress. It’s something you get to represent with pride; you get to make an impact on your community on campus and when you go back home,” Dupree said.

He also had to hold up to three interest meetings, of which he has held two so far. The first interest meeting had over 50 people in attendance. Dupree will need to submit another form to Student Activities with the names of at least eight other people who are interested in joining, along with his advisor’s name.

In total, there are 1,549 Radford students eligible to join ODK.

Dupree will also draft a secretary and treasurer into the constitution because the 2009 circle only had a president and an advisor. One of the first things Dupree wants to do once official is get an executive board set up.

There is a circle directory on ODK’s website, odk.org, that has a map of the United States with different colored dots throughout the states representing different ODK circles. Blue dots indicate an active circle while black dots indicate a former circle. Radford’s dot, once black, is now blue again.

“It’s been a lengthy process but it will definitely be worth it,” Dupree said.

Dupree must present in front of the Committee on Clubs and Organizations in order to become recognized. He plans to have the organization official before winter break.

Nov 18, 2016
School of Communication