Jason Stamm wows at the IAMCR

Jason Stamm

By Joseph Huss

Current Radford University graduate student Jason Stamm had the opportunity of a lifetime this past summer. He was selected to present his research at the prestigious International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference.

Stamm travelled all the way to Leicester, England, and presented in front of a group of about 25 people comprising mostly faculty from all over the world.

Stamm’s presentation was on the usage of Twitter in the coverage of elections in the United States. “No one really did anything especially with the American election, so I thought it was different,” Stamm said.

Stamm specifically looked at how three newspapers namely LA Times, a national newspaper, Des Moines Register, a regional newspaper, and Roanoke Times, a local newspaper used Twitter in covering the Iowa Caucus.

His findings were that it was actually the Des Moines Register of the three newspapers that used Twitter the best. “It was surprising because you’d think the LA Times would be the best in as far as using Twitter,” Stamm said.

Stamm said the feedback he received after his presentation was great. The positive feedback added validity to his work.

He hopes to continue his research on journalistic usage of Twitter as part of his graduate thesis.

As far as his background goes, Stamm graduated from Western Kentucky and immediately got into sports journalism. He has worked in the area of covering college sports from Western Kentucky to Virginia Tech, where he worked for the website hokiehaven.com.

Aside from being a graduate student in the professional and corporate program, Stamm currently works for a website called scout.com. Scout.com is a website dedicated to college sports. 

Oct 13, 2016
School of Communication