Jones Takes Charge

Jacinda Jones, COMS Student and new SGA President

By Tyler Laughlin      

Jacinda Jones, the newly elected SGA president for the 2016-2017 academic year is somebody you won’t forget. Whether you have class with her, or you see her walking on campus her positive attitude, and willingness to help students is evident.

Jones, the current SGA vice president is excited to take on her new role next semester, everybody that has ever encountered her knows she’s the perfect fit.

Jones, a junior media studies major from Richmond, Virginia, who has been in SGA for three years knew it was time to take the next leap.

“I’ve been in SGA since I got here, and I feel like I can leave a lasting impact on the University. There will be a lot of responsibility with my new role, but I’m excited for the challenge,” Jones said.

Jones has a lot of different ideas on how to leave a lasting impression on the University as the new SGA president.

“With the help of other clubs and organizations, I hope to work on school unity and establish a foundation for future leaders to build upon,” Jones said.

Jones also wants to establish a “Meet the Representatives”. This will be a dinner welcome to students courtesy of the SGA. It will give students the opportunity to meet with SGA members and ask questions they may have. 

Originally from Newburgh, New York, Jones has been involved with sports and other activities throughout her entire life.

“I moved to Richmond when I was in middle school. I was always involved in sports as a kid, and that didn’t change when I moved. When I was in high school I was a part of the soccer team, I did gymnastics and was part of the student government. I always wanted to be involved, and helping others,” Jones said.

Jones was also a part of the Center for Communications while she was in high school, focusing on various forms of media.

“I thought this was a big part of my life. I learned a lot about different communication techniques before I even got to college. I think this was instrumental for me before I got here because I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I arrived,” Jones said.

Jones has big plans after she graduates from Radford University no matter what path she takes.

“I’ve been applying to graduate schools, my goal is to be a news director after I graduate. I’m really excited for the next step, and get to where I want to be,” Jones said.

Jones knows this won’t be an easy job, but she is excited for the task. She wants to leave a legacy of unity, a place where people can come together. Every organization is different, you can’t change that. But Jones knows the University can coexist with bringing organizations together. If anybody is up for the job, it’s no other than Jones.  

Apr 21, 2016
School of Communication