Haley Goins is 2016 Dean’s Scholar for Media Studies

Haley Goins

By Devon Battles

Being able to make yourself appealing in many different aspects is what will land you that dream job, and it comes as no surprise when the word versatility is mentioned in the same sentence as Radford University senior, Haley Goins.

Her artistic ability falls in many categories such as photography, painting, graphic design, etc.

“In high school I took a graphic communications class, in which I played with many fonts, and my step mother also owns her own graphic design business so from there I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Goins said.

Goins is currently seeking a bachelor’s of science degree in media studies and a bachelor’s of science in studio art, while also being a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.

While attending Radford, Goins interned with Gold Key Hotels and Resorts where she learned many things, but most importantly how to take criticism.

“It’s hard to have people tell you to do something over, but in the end it taught me to take in that negative feedback and work harder to make my project better.”

With a solid 3.9 GPA, Goins will also be recognized on April 16 as dean’s scholar for media studies. She shared what it took for such recognition.

“I was actually very surprised that I was nominated, but I’ve always been a leader in projects, and I’ve always created close relationships with my professors,” Goins said.

Although this ceremony is an important milestone, a faculty member will be accepting it on Goins’ behalf, because she will not be attending the ceremony.

“I would love to be at the ceremony, but I had prior plans before I knew that I was nominated,” Goins said.

She also said that if she had more time to learn new things it would be design programs, because not many Adobe courses are offered in the media studies program.

Goins has always been goal-driven, and full of creativity, which plays a big role in her accomplishments while attending Radford.

“I would think of myself as very organized and creative, because I can always think of something innovative on the spot.”

Although Goins puts a lot of effort into her work in and out of the classroom, she makes time for her hobbies as well. Being able to prioritize her time has never been an issue.

“I hang out with my friends and roommates by just sitting in the living room talking, but I also like art and crafting for my friends.”

Goins has been an extraordinary student here at Radford University, and will make the best candidate for any employers in her near future. 

Apr 12, 2016
School of Communication