CORY HIGGS-Media Studies Dean's Scholar


Cory Higgs Earns the Coveted Dean’s Scholar Recognition for Media Studies

By Kiana Minor

Every year, the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) recognizes a dean’s scholar from its distinct programs who best represents academic excellence, dedication in their field, involvement in the community and success in the classroom.

For the School of Communication’s media studies major, this year, that student is Cory Higgs. 

Higgs is a senior concentrating in journalism and minoring in history. He is slated to graduate this May.

Reacting to earning this coveted recognition, Higgs said, “It’s very rewarding and I’m honored to have this opportunity.” 

As per one of the important parameters of being recognized as dean’s scholar, Higgs noted that, “I work really hard in my academics and always strive to do well.” Adding that, “My professors have taught me so much and have been very effective at teaching and I’ve gained so much from my classes.” 

Still on his academics, besides appreciating his learning environments in CHBS, Higgs also said, “I’ve always tried to do my best and look at each and every class as something that I can use towards my future and will eventually come into play in my life.”

Higgs has taken advantage of forums such as the recent Virginia Association of Communication Arts and Sciences (VACAS) conference, which was hosted by the School of Communication to share what he has learned in the classroom. 

His extracurricular activities include being the student promotions and media manager at Radford’s public radio station, WVRU, and being a member of the Global Ambassadors Program (GAP). Higgs is also a member and vice president of the International Students Affairs Council (ISAC), where he recently played a vital role in the planning and hosting of the 28th Annual International Banquet.

There has been a special purpose for his involvement in student organizations like ISAC and GAP. “I’ve had this great opportunity to meet so many amazing people who all have different perspectives,” Higgs said. 

He continued, “I love reporting and working on global diversity and cross-cultural issues, it’s opened my eyes and broadened my learning horizons, so I definitely owe my college experience to these programs, I found my niche.” 

“I’m extremely devoted to and interested in helping other people and meeting new faces,” he added. 

Higgs without a doubt enjoys dedicating his time to others in and out of the classroom, all while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. 

“I like to think of myself as being a perfectionist who tries to work ahead to avoid any kinks in the road,” said Higgs.  

Being enrolled at Radford has not only taught him academic astuteness but also how to be “human.”

Higgs’s aspiration after graduation is be a journalist, something he has already been doing throughout his academic career at Radford. 

“My experience has been amazing and I think the reason I find such success in journalism is because writing and telling stories is a form of art, and I’m a very artsy person, it’s important to have that creative eye in my line of work and I define myself as a social butterfly,” Higgs said.

Having his family and friends as a support system has given him motivation to be the best version of himself. Faculty have also played a huge role in Higgs’s road to success. 

Higgs’s kind-hearted personality and involvement in the School of Communication, which includes writing for the School website, has opened doors for him that he didn’t think were possible. He’s an example of a diligent worker who takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to advance his career goals and aspirations. 

Apr 22, 2019
School of Communication