Spring graduate Grayson Glueck, 20, takes only three years to attain degree

Grayson Glueck, Media Studies

By Courtney Young

The typical college senior can look back at their last four years of hard work and preparing for their future careers and smile.

For Grayson Glueck, a senior majoring in media studies with a concentration in production technology, that smile comes one year early. Unlike the typical college senior, it has taken Glueck only three years to attain her bachelor’s degree.

“I felt like I was already prepared for the real world,” Glueck stated as she explained her fast track to graduating. While having had to take summer classes and full loads of classes each semester, Glueck is thrilled to be only 20 years old when she hits that milestone of attaining a college degree.

Glueck says that working double time academically was worth it in the end to graduate early, and it helped her understand how to take responsibility on her own.

As far as what she has planned for her concentration in production technology, Glueck hopes to become a radio personality. This idea was rooted in her during her experience working at a fast food restaurant.

“I actually worked at Chick-fil-A for four years and after talking in the drive-thru headset, I realized that I wanted to talk to a microphone for the rest of my life,” Glueck explained her optimism for a career in radio. 

Knowing what she wants to do has helped Glueck open the doors for herself into the media world during her time at Radford University. She has worked with Radio Free Radford, the student-run radio station. 

“I crack myself up and maybe some of my stories will get someone else to laugh,” Glueck said as she explained her ventures in the media field.

With a passion for entertaining people, Glueck also started her own YouTube channel.

Glueck has also had the opportunity of traveling to California and touring a big name radio studio. This trip however did not make Glueck revisit her plans about where she wants to work and settle after her graduation in May.

“I want to stay in the area, my family is here and I’ve always liked it in Virginia,” Glueck said. 

Jan 30, 2017
School of Communication