Journalism student to follow her passion for children's literature

Darcy Anderson

By Colton Rhea McConnell

Darcy Anderson, a senior in media studies with a concentration in journalism, who is scheduled to graduate in December, plans on using her degree to pursue an alternative career -- her love of children’s literature.

“I’ve loved kids pretty much since I was one and when I was 15 years old I started babysitting and I specialize in toddlers,” Anderson said. “I really just want to understand them and how they need to learn. I read so many kids’ books when babysitting and teaching that I just feel like by writing, editing, and publishing books it can be a way to teach kids everywhere.”

Anderson recently attended a three-day conference in Washington D.C. for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

SCBWI is an international, non-profit organization that helps and supports those who are involved in the writing and illustrating of children’s literature.

“I went as an observer and learned a lot about the organization as a whole,” said Anderson. “The main point of the conference was to encourage authors and illustrators to keep going. The main thing I got out of the conference was that you can’t give up.”

SCBWI’s conference offered seminars during the weekend that helped guests and members learn how to launch and sustain their careers. There were also guest speakers and meet and greets that ranged from an agent’s panel that helps publish guests’ books, to a speech from Penguin Random House’s publisher, Wendy Lamb.

As she prepares for a career in writing and editing children’s books, Anderson wants to learn as much about children as possible. She has already been offered a position at Early Challenges Childcare located in Christiansburg, which begins after she graduates from Radford this December. Next year, Anderson plans to pursue a children’s literature editorial internship.  

During her time as a journalism student, Anderson has been actively involved in student media. She is the assistant editor of the Insights section of the Tartan. This has helped her further her writing and editing skills. 

When Anderson first came to Radford she was in the music therapy program. She has found a way to combine her different experiences for her betterment.

“I really push myself in everything I do while I am at Radford,” said Anderson. “Whether it is with my music, by taking on the role as a leader, or pushing myself in my assistant editor position at the Tartan,” Anderson said.

Nov 11, 2016
School of Communication