Baker Leaves Footprint

By Tyler Laughlin

Dr. Colin Baker is a man of many interests. Walking into his office, you are serenaded by Michigan State sports memorabilia, his alma mater. Baker’s love for coffee is also evident, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with his calm demeanor. Students have gravitated towards Baker throughout the year due to his easy-going attitude, and because of his vast knowledge of so many topics.

Baker will not be back at Radford University next semester, but there is not a shortage of opportunities for him moving forward. “I have family in Denver, so I’ve been looking pretty hard at that area,” Baker said. Baker certainly sees himself staying in the communication world while he seeks his next job.

“I’ve had a couple of interviews; I’m just looking around for the time being. As faculty, we tend to move where the jobs are. This is fine when you are young, but with a wife and young child it becomes difficult,” Baker said.               

Professor Leigh Anne Kelley, whose office is just down the hall from Baker’s, knows he brought a lot to the table. “He’s one of the prolific researchers in our department, so any time you lose that it’s a loss,” said Kelley.

Kelley also thinks Baker’s research has been a big help for the University. “Anytime you have faculty who are contributing to research in the field, that’s always a plus. We need to bring the most current ideas into the classroom and constantly exploring new ideas,” Kelley added.

Emily Shoemaker, a senior media studies major, who has had Baker as a teacher had some lasting words that many students would agree with. “Dr. Baker will be missed. He seems like somebody a lot of students like, and works with the students very well,” Shoemaker said.

“He was a big piece of the School of Communication so he will certainly be missed,” Shoemaker added.

From the jokes in class, to the advising he’s given his students Baker and his charisma will be something difficult for the University to replace. But knowing Baker, he will leave his footprint anywhere he decides to go. 

Apr 8, 2016
School of Communication