Double Major Honors Student Works Her Way to Success

Carlie Clary

By Emily Lewis

Everyone is wondering how she does it, Carlie Clary is not only a full time student but has multiple responsibilities on and off of campus and manages to uphold her grades as an honor student.  

Clary, 20, is a junior at Radford University. She is a double major honors student, what is equivalent to a full academic scholarship. One of her majors is exercise, sport and health education with a concentration in sports medicine. Her second major is media studies with a concentration in journalism. She has also completed the curriculum for a minor in coaching education.

Last year Clary participated in the 25th Annual RU Student Engagement Forum by presenting a case study with Radford professor, Dr. Michael Moore, on a third degree Gamekeeper’s thumb that required surgery. In addition to her participation, she regularly contributes to honor academy events.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Clary hopes to achieve her master’s. She is not sure of what she will study but has considered attending UNC-Chapel Hill to further her education in journalism or complete a degree to become a physician assistant.

As far as her responsibilities off of campus, she owns a small business selling baked goods and owns a photography business which she opened in May of last year. Clary stated that she does several photo shoots on the weekends. She is also a part-time advertising account executive at The Southwest Times in Pulaski, Virginia.

In addition, Clary has been the assistant varsity basketball coach at Auburn High School in Riner, Virginia. She also coaches off season teams and a young boys Recreation League team in Pulaski. Clary resigned this season to pursue other coaching opportunities at various high schools around the community.

Clary stated that she does not know exactly what she would like to pursue a career in but basketball has always been her calling, “Basketball has been and will always be my one true love and passion and I know that somehow keeping that in my life whether through coaching or officiating I will be happy.”

Not only does Clary see herself coaching basketball but she also likes to write and hopes to publish a novel someday. With all that she does, Clary’s biggest challenge is finding time for herself, “I know as a person I am not as successful if I cannot find an hour for myself each night just to sit down and relax. Each day is one at a time and looking any further than that will impede my efficacy.”

Clary stated that her college career has been one of fully understanding herself, life as a whole and what she wants to do in the future. She also stated that along with developing communication skills and working with a variety of people she has also learned how to deal with failure, “My college career has been a daily journey of successes and failures. For me, failures only exist when you do not learn from your mistakes, and if you do then that failure becomes a success. It has been accepting my weaknesses, working on them and attacking things with my strongest attributes.”

Clary believes in lifelong learning and in the end hopes to be happy with her career choice. She stated that she likes to live every day as a new day and wants to find happiness and success in each one. 

Dec 12, 2016
School of Communicqtion