Dr. Bowers collaborates with music professor on unique SCI opportunity

Dr. West Bowers teaching

By Victoria Hill

This semester's video production class -- COMS 146 -- is designated as a Scholar-Citizen Initiative course.

SCI, according to Radford University’s website, “Connects people, ideas, and resources to each other, promoting positive social change and providing highly engaging and transformative learning opportunities to students.”

Dr. West Bowers, media studies professor, along with Dr. Bruce Mahin, music professor, have been trying to come together to create something like this for years. After both gaining enough student interest, going through the SCI application process, creating detailed lesson plans and learning objectives for the courses, two new SCI designated courses were born, COMS 146 and MUSC 127.

Students will be working for Wilderness Road Regional Museum in Newbern, Virginia, all semester. The course entails making advertisements and public service announcements to attract people to come and visit the museum.

Bowers says, “The main focus of the course is to shoot pictures at the museum along with information the students write will be used to record voice-overs to accompany the advertisements.” In essence, this course will showcase the student’s ability to organize pictures in accordance with commentary to create an advertisement.

The students in COMS 146 are collaborating with students in Mahin’s Introduction To Computer Music class to compose music for their advertisements as well. The two main characteristics of this class that distinguish it from any other class Bowers describes, “Well first the students will be working with a real client and also the collaborative process of working with another class.”

On behalf of the COMS 146 and MUSC 127 courses the SCI had sponsored Jim Fox, CEO of Lion and Fox recording studios to come and speak at the Bonnie from on Feb. 29. Fox shared his knowledge of how he got started in the business as well as answered questions about the profession.

There are many benefits that stem from COMS 146 now being available as a SCI course as it brings about a new learning opportunity for students all while being involved and helping the local community out.

This type of course also can be an excellent resume booster for some, so it is worth highlighting the SCI designation of the course. It could be beneficial for future employers to see the skill of applying techniques that were taught in the classroom applied to the real world experience all while helping out the local community.

Mar 25, 2016
School of Communication