December Graduate Secures Job at WDBJ7

Austin Martin-WDBJ7

By Aubrey Woodward

Austin Martin, a senior in media studies who is set to graduate this December, has been hired at WDBJ7, a CBS-affiliated news channel located in Roanoke, Virginia.

Martin began work in November and is very passionate about this career turn. “I love that I already am reporting some and getting experience in an actual newsroom, I also really like learning from people who have been in the field for a long time.”

His new position is associate news producer during the evening newscasts at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. “My job is basically just to create and edit content for the newscasts. I also report and create online stories including local topics and also from national news from sources like the AP.” He is also responsible for the stations social media outreach, keeping it up-to-date and using it to interact with viewers.

Martin believes that Radford University has prepared him for the writing portion of his job. However, there are other aspects that could have been stressed more. He also believes that the resources in the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences could help with these aspects.

“In my time at Radford, we haven’t had the technology or means to accommodate both the production department and the journalism students. I think now with a new space for learning and also new technology, the School of Communication should somehow find a way to intertwine the two programs to practice skills that students graduating from the journalism program will need to know out in the field as reporters, anchors, or producers,” Martin said.

He also believes that the new facilities create room for the program to be improved. “We have an awesome faculty roster and with a few tweaks to the curriculum, we could have one of the best programs in the south.”

Martin also had some advice for students looking to get into the same field. “The biggest piece of advice I can give to students is to get involved. I personally didn’t know I had access to certain programs or could just join student media and such.”

“Explore your options,” he stressed. “Also, work outside of the classroom! Taking extra time to build a portfolio, before looking for a job, will be the best thing you can do!”

Dec 7, 2016
School of Communication