From Highlander to High Pressure

Photograph of Alec Neuharth-Keusch
A. J. is in the black suit

By Erin Bailey

Alec Neuharth-Keusch is fresh in the “real world” after graduating from Radford University in May, trying to prove himself worthy of the journalism world during his internship at USA Today.

Growing up in Ashburn, Virginia, Neuharth-Keusch had always had a strong passion for sports and decided he needed to do something about it. “Journalism has been in my family for generations, so as a kid I always dreamed of being a sports reporter when I grew up. Over my time at Radford, particularly my senior year, I realized that I needed to turn my dream into a reality,” Neuharth-Keusch explained.

With an internship in the sports department at the USA Today headquarters in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, after his recent graduation, he is gearing up to be a successful journalist. He has gotten to cover all the different professional and collegiate sports and has started to focus specifically on the NBA.

“It’s an incredible opportunity that enables me to do what I love while also building my journalistic skills and gaining experience in the field,” Neuharth-Keusch said.

On a daily basis, Neuharth-Keusch is expected to keep up with all the latest news in sports. As soon as new information comes out, he has to be able to put out the articles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Neuharth-Keusch explains, “Journalism today happens so fast, so it’s crucial to be timely and accurate when reporting. While in the office I'm usually writing stories or editing and creating content for the web or the weekly print edition.”

Not only does he get to write in the office with the other journalists but also Neuharth-Keusch attends press conferences and games for various professional sports. With his main focus being professional basketball, it is an added bonus that he gets to work closely with his favorite team, the Washington Wizards.

“I got to attend their media day this year and talk to all of the players and coaches, as well as write a preview piece on their season,” Neuharth-Keusch said.

“I also attended their preseason game against the Knicks for a story… It’s been incredible,” Neuharth-Keusch exclaimed.

Looking toward the future, Neuharth-Keusch’s main goal is to have a positive influence on the journalism community no matter what he ends up doing in his career.

“I want to do everything in my power to help out and make a difference. I want to be a co-worker that other journalists can count on. I also want to not only be a well-known journalist, but a well-known, well-respected journalist. I want to be a known name in sports journalism that people can rely on to get trustworthy and engaging information,” Neuharth-Keusch said.

Dec 7, 2015
School of Communication