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Lifestyle Blogger and TV Personality Issues Clarion Call for Christian Women Seeking Fulfillment and Joy

Caitlyn Scaggs is a currently working on achieving a Master's degree in Strategic Communication here at Radford University.  

Orlando, Fla.– Burnt out, stressed out, and very insecure in the face of external criticism and barriers to self-realization, Christian women face a lot of challenges. Can Christian women really rise above the challenges of modern living to find identities marked by joy and purpose? Leadership lifestyle blogger and media personality Caitlyn Scaggs says this is very possible!

She champions a new approach that flies in the face of the tension so many women face ― finding balance between seemingly opposing forces while living out what you were created to do. She emphasizes you can live a joy-filled life with a firm sense of who you are and all you were made to be. In her book, Worth it and Wonderful Scaggs addresses the  real pressures, both internal and external, that Christian women face that result in feeling unfulfilled. Whether that pressure is the age-old struggle of family and career or the pressure to choose between contentment and ambition.

Filled with practical steps, insights, and vibrant stories along the way, Scaggs provides women with a blueprint on how to thrive no matter  where their path takes them. With her unique and powerful guiding voice, she helps women fully embrace who God calls them to be including:

  • • How to overcome the challenges of balancing work, life, and family
  • • The importance of living strategically and spontaneously
  • • How mental, physical, and soul -care honors God
  • • Why living bravely is related to our core beliefs about our God-given worth

“It’s up to you to own and embrace the wonderful complexities of who God made you to be. Remember, you are a masterpiece,” writes Scaggs. “Fall in love with the idea of seeing your life as a beautiful mosaic, lovingly and intentionally crafted. It honors the masterpiece composed of disparate experiences, pain, tears, laughter, and victory all brought together to make something meaningful.” 

Filled with motivational callouts, practical takeaways, and actionable steps Worth it and Wonderful invites readers to apply the insight shared to their own lives. “Remember, nothing of significance is easy or comes quickly,” declares Scaggs. “This type of work can challenge deep-rooted beliefs—some of which you may realize are lies that took root a long time ago, but as your identity and purpose become rooted in who God says you are, I’m trusting that all areas of your life will start to transform with vibrancy.”

Caitlyn Scaggs is a featured writer for Inspiration Ministries and maintains a popular leadership-lifestyle blog that she uses to provide encouragement and thought-provoking articles to her followers. Scaggs regularly appears on a local TV segment in Virginia, “Mornin’ Motivations,” where she discusses a range of topics. An entrepreneur, marketer, and dynamic communicator, she is currently the Executive Manager of New Hope Girls, a non-profit based in the Dominican  Republic that fights human trafficking and exploitation of girls and women.


Dec 16, 2022
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