2016 COMS WEEK the best yet

Roland Lazenby
"Roland Lazenby addresses the crowd, while Dr. Bill Kovarik (second row) listens intensely."

COMS Week the best yet

By Emily Shoemaker

Communication Week 2016 was filled with lots of laughs, encouragement, and words of wisdom- from speeches on how to become successful to bull riding at the carnival.

Speakers like Roland Lazenby, Hunter French, and Holly Keener gave some advice on how not only Communication majors, but also anyone looking to be successful, can reach their full potential.

 “Hunter French provided a down to earth perspective of the do’s and don’ts when looking for a job, including resume and interview tips and what to do once you get a job. He added humor and was relatable to all ages in the audience,” said Kristina Contreras, a graduate student, who was part of the COMS 460 class that planned and organized COMS Week.

Roland Lazenby also had some good advice. As a former Radford professor and now a very well-known author in the basketball world, he preached on being confident in your own ideas.

“The stuff that’s truly hard to figure out, that’s the good stuff,” said Lazenby, “You find the things that drive you.” This advice is good for anyone at any stage of their life.

Theresa Pelonero, a public relations student, was happy that professors worked together to make sure that everyone was able to attend these life changing events.

 “My favorite part that was most beneficial was all the alumni coming back and telling us what to prepare for. However, with me working, having an internship, and other classes I found the schedule hard to work about, which is why it was nice when professors gave us class to go to a forum,” said Pelonero.  

There was something for everyone during COMS Week events. Taylor Olson, a senior, likes the fact that she was able to relate to one of the speakers

 “The event more beneficial to me was with Stephanie Ballein. She spoke about her role in our athletic department and being a woman in the sports industry. Because I want to work in the sports industry, it really caught my attention and inspired me to keep working hard in this field,” explained Olson.

This COMS Week sure was a week to remember- it was also the most successful Communication Week at Radford.

 “It was our most successful Communication Week yet with over 1000 people attending throughout the week at various events. Our class is beyond proud of the achievement and success of Coms Week. We have had such positive feedback from guests, faculty, and students, both COMS and non-COMS students,” explained Contreras.

The carnival was another big hit, as many students and faculty participated in bull riding, air hockey playing, and sumo wrestling. Dr. Lisa Baker-Webster and Max Esterhuizen, a graduate student, faced off in an intense round of air hockey and even the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) president, Miles Bates braved the mechanical bull for longer than 40 seconds. 

“The carnival was so much fun and I truly enjoyed watching everyone come together and enjoy the activities,” said Contreras.

Now the question is - what is going to be in-store for next year?

Apr 27, 2016
School of Commuication