Study Abroad

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The School of Communication’s summer program in England — with lectures, tours, coursework and internships — is an unparalleled opportunity for students in all majors.

Participants are exposed not only to foreign cultures and communication, but also to the lives of media professionals working in one of the world’s most international cities. In 2016 the basic program is May 16 to June 7; internship students work through June 28.

This year’s program will be conducted by School of Communication faculty member Dr. Matthew Turner.

One of the reasons that London is a great location for the study abroad program is that British media and communication systems are sufficiently like U.S. media, and at the same time sufficiently different, to make meaningful comparisons to American media. In addition, England’s participation in the European Common Market provides an international ethos to communication and media that is typically lacking in the U.S.

Learning about the international dimensions of communication is important today because of the growth of media exports, the convergence of media, and the continuing digital revolution.

The 2016 trip will include:

  • A visit to the BBC’s world headquarters for a behind the scenes tour.  
  • The excitement of taping world-class programs.
  • Guided tours of Oxford or Cambridge University.
  • Tours of landmarks including Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.
  • Theatre performances at venues including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
  • Guest lectures on British media and culture.
  • Guided tours of museums and galleries.
  • A three-day excursion to Paris, France and/or Geneva Switzerland.

Past students have enrolled for up to 12 credits of course work including an internship. Contact the professor for information about academic credit.

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Courses offered in the program are:

  • COMS 335: Media & Society
  • COMS 451: Intercultural & International Communication
  • COMS 460: Independent Study
  • COMS 499: Internship
  • COMS 698: Graduate Directed Study

Estimated Program Cost (Excluding tuition):  $4,000

Estimated Program with Internship:  $5,500

Estimated: Optional airfare and transportation package: $1,200

2016 Dates:  May 16 – June 7; Internships: June 8 – June 28