Faculty Teaching Areas and Specialities

The faculty members within Radford University's School of Communication provide a superior education to students which has been built from years of experience and research. Because of the breadth of faculty knowledge, the School of Communication offers a wide range of teaching areas and specialities. Professors and instructors are listed below their respective teaching concentration and speciality.


Includes concentrations in Communication Studies and Public Relations
Dr. Lisa Baker Webster (lbaker38@radford.edu) is the coordinator.

Communication Studies

  • Ms. Kathleen Degnon, Instructor
  • Dr. Scott Dunn, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Sandra French, Associate Professor
  • Ms. Kim Herbert, Instructor
  • Ms. Betty Kennan, Instructor
  • Dr. Shuo Yao, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Matthew J. Smith, Professor and Director

Public Relations

  • Dr. John Brummette, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Lisa Baker Webster, Associate Professor
  • Dr. William Kennan, Professor
  • Dr. Lynn Zoch, Professor

Media Studies

Includes concentrations in Advertising, Journalism, and Production Technology
Dr. Courtney Bosworth (cbosworth@radford.edu) is the coordinator.


  • Mr. Mark Birschbach, Instructor
  • Dr. Courtney Bosworth, Associate Professor
  • Ms. Leigh Anne Kelley, Instructor


  • Dr. Bill Kovarik, Professor
  • Mr. Joe Staniunas, Jr., Instructor
  • Ms. Leigh Anne Kelley, Instructor
  • Dr. Twange Kasoma, Associate Professor

Production Technology

  • Dr. West Bowers, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Sam Jennings, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Michael J. Meindl, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Matthew Turner, Associate Professor
  • Mr. Joe Staniunas, Jr., Instructor

Strategic Communication, M.S. Program

Dr. Scott Dunn (swdunn@radford.edu) is the graduate program coordinator.

  • Dr. John Brummette
  • Dr. Lisa Baker Webster
  • Dr. Scott Dunn
  • Dr. Sandra French
  • Dr. Shuo Yao
  • Dr. Lynn Zoch


Ms. Betty Kennan (blkennan@radford.edu) is the internship coordinator for the School of Communication