Contact Update


Thank you so much for updating your contact information with us.  We have mailing addresses for many of you, but most of our email addresses appear to be old or invalid. Please email your information to, including your name, contact information, graduation year and current occupation.

Twice a year we publish SOC Talk, the School of Communication alumni newsletter. SOC Talk is our way of letting you know what is happening at the School, with your former professors, current students and the University in general.  Do you know, for instance, that for the last four years we’ve held a week-long Communication Week and invite alumni back to campus to talk with our current students?  We would love to catch you up on all we’re doing, but we don’t have the budget to mail out the newsletter, so we email it.

What I’ve discovered is that many of you don’t receive it, either because your email account puts it directly into “junk”, it is blocked entirely by your or your company’s settings, or because all we have for you is your old (sometimes very old) account.

So, again, thanks so much for updating and allowing us to keep in touch with you, our alumni.

Best wishes,

Lisa Baker-Webster, Ph.D.,  Interim Director