Graduation Advising

Seniors must submit a graduation application a full semester before graduation: mid-September for May graduation, early February for December graduation.

Exact dates are listed in the registrar's calendar. Begin the process by scheduling a meeting with your School of Communication faculty adviser to check your records.

When you visit with your adviser, bring the paperwork described below. (With all of the reports available online today, some advisers may not insist on having printed copies. However, having printed copies and filled-out forms will make your advising session go faster.)

  • First, download the reports and forms.
  • Use information from the reports to fill out the forms.
  • Then bring the whole package to your adviser for review and his or her signature.

Obtaining the reports

The reports can be downloaded from the OneCampus portal.

  • DegreeWorks Audit
  • Transcript (You DO NOT need an “official copy” of your transcript from the registrar;  just print the one available on the portal)
  • Transfer course info (if you transferred courses to Radford University)

Obtaining the forms

  • Download the graduation application from the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center
  • Your major concentration's Academic Progress checksheet for your catalog year (usually the year you started at Radford University)
  • Your General Education or "Core" checksheet for your catalog year (usually the year you started at Radford University)
  • ONLY needed if you will still have courses to complete after April: Declaration of Intent to Participate in Commencement Ceremony (DOC). For instance, you need this form if you have a summer internship to complete, or if you withdraw from a course during your senior year and plan to make up the credit during Maymester or a summer session.

Checklist for graduation forms

  • Your adviser's signature is required.
  • After reviewing and signing, your adviser will send your packet of papers along to the School of Communication office for review by your program coordinator. You do not need an appointment; you or your adviser can hand-deliver the signed papers to the School's main office at 704 Fairfax St., Apt. E.
  • Dr. Kevin "West" Bowers must sign for media studies students: Advertising, Journalism, and Media Production.
  • Dr. Lisa Baker-Webster must sign for communication students: Public Relations, Communication Studies.
  • The School will send the papers on for review by the College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences Advising Center staff in Russell Hall.
  • This final check will generate a “Review Letter” that says whether you are ready to graduate or not and what you may need to do. The letter will be mailed to the address you indicate on the main Graduation Application form.

If your situation changes after filing the papers -- for instance, if you withdraw from a course and need to file a Declaration of Intent to Participate form, contact your adviser or the School of Communication office.