Minors in the School of Communication

The School of Communication at Radford University offers students an opportunity to receive a minor in one of four concentration areas within the vast and ever-growing field of communication.  

Coordinators: Dr. Sandra French, Communication / Dr. West Bowers, Media Studies / Professor Michael Meindl, Cinematic Arts

Digital Communication Minor

The minor in Digital Communication consists of 15 hours and includes courses that focus on how to utilize Digital Communication technologies for a variety of settings.  The minor prepares learners to implement current technologies related to web development, online training, responsive mobile content compliance and delivery, and digital visualization.

  • COMS 226 (3 credit): Digital Imaging (No prerequisites)
  • COMS 326 (3 credit): Web Production (Prerequisites: COMS 130, COMS 226 or permission of the instructor)
  • COMS 383 (3 credits): Social Media (Prerequisites: COMS 130 or permission of instructor)
  • COMS 427 (3 credit): Digital Training Tools (Prerequisites: COMS 130, COMS 330, COMS 226, COMS 326 or permission of the instructor)
  • COMS 484 (3 credit): Data Visualization for Communication (Prerequisites: COMS 130, COMS 330, COMS 226, COMS 326, COMS 427, or permission of the instructor)

Communication Minor

The 18-hour minor in Communication Studies consists of 3 credits from COMS 114, and 15 additional hours of COMS courses. The Communication Minor is designed to prepare undergraduate students to become more proficient professional communicators when working in an organizational setting such as public relations, training, investor relations, human resources, community relations, crisis management, and governmental or legislative relations. Students are prepared to make contributions to a variety of organizations from a communication perspective. They have the opportunity to develop special knowledge and skills with regard to conflict, groups, leadership, relationships, public relations, political campaigns, organizations, etc.

Public Relations Minor

The 18-hour minor in Public Relations consists of 6 credit hours of required coursework and 12 elective courses specific to public relations in the School of Communication. Prerequisites or permission of instructor may be required for some courses. Declared minors may obtain permission through their School of Communication advisor. Public relations specialists and managers prepare messages and develop communication strategies for communication stakeholders. 

Media Studies Minor

The 18-hour minor in Media Studies consists of various COMS courses, including COMS 130, 335, 400 and 9 additional hours of COMS courses. The Media Studies minor provides students with the basic tools to actively construct and disseminate messages across a variety of media platforms. The core courses give students a foundation through which to better understand the exchange of ideas that take place in society through various forms of media messages. The electives allow students to pursue more nuanced skills in developing messages specific to the areas of media and web production, advertising, and journalism, providing them with the knowledge necessary to pursue careers in a variety of media outlets.

Cinematic Arts Interdisciplinary Minor

The 18-hour Interdisciplinary Minor in Cinematic Arts, jointly supported by the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Visual and Performing Arts, provides students with a solid foundation in the historical, critical, and aesthetic aspects found in the area of cinema.

Required Cinematic Arts Core (12)

  • COMS 335. Media and Society-Requires COMS 130 or permission of instructor.
  • THEA 180. Introduction to World Cinema
  • THEA 381. Foundations of Cinema Aesthetics-Requires permission of instructor.
  • THEA 480. Film Theory and Criticism-Requires permission of instructor.

Electives (Choose two) (6)

  • COMS 247. Script Writing-Requires permission of instructor.
  • COMS 434. Media Literacy-Requires permission of instructor.
  • COMS 451. Intercultural/International Communication-Requires COMS 130, 330, or permission of instructor.
  • COMS 452. International Film and Electronic Media-Requires COMS 130, 330, or permission of instructor.
  • FREN 320. Topics in French Cinema-Requires FREN 210
  • THEA 370. Playwriting
  • THEA 482. Documentary/Non-Fiction Film-Requires permission of instructor
  • SOCY 471. Society and Film-Requires SOCY 110 or SOCY/ANTH 121.

Additional special topics course(s) may be chosen in consultation with the director(s) of the Cinematic Arts program.

The director of the interdisciplinary Cinematic Arts minor must approve course selections prior to registration. Some courses may have prerequisites or require permission from the instructor before registration. Students declaring Cinematic Arts as a minor will be exempt from any prerequisites for Theatre and Media Studies courses.