Communication Studies

The concentration in Communication Studies prepares students for positions in both the private and public sectors as well as providing a solid foundation in the Communication discipline for those desiring to continue their education in graduate school. Courses in communication studies combine material from the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences in order to explain how and why people interact in the ways that they do. Students in the Communication Studies concentration will study the ways that people use communication in public life, politics, and social movements. Students will learn how to analyze and evaluate communication practices in a wide variety of settings and be able to apply oral, written and visual communication skills and knowledge necessary for success in the twenty-first century marketplace.

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Communication Studies Concentration (36 hours)

Core courses: Students in the School of Communication must complete these two courses with a grade of "C" or higher.

  • COMS 130. Introduction to Communication (GE, E)
  • COMS 330. Communication Theory (A)

Required Courses (24 hours)

  • COMS 114. Public Speaking (GE, L)
  • COMS 231. Research Methods *
  • COMS 240. Teamwork and Communication (E)
  • COMS 250. Interpersonal Communication (GE, A)
  • COMS 332. Argumentation and Advocacy * (E)
  • COMS 333. Persuasion *
  • COMS 440. Listening and Nonverbal Communication ** (A)
  • COMS 451. Intercultural and International Communication **

Choose three (3) of the following (9 hours)

  • COMS 314. Organizational Communication *
  • COMS 413. Political Communication **
  • COMS 414. Critical Analysis of Public Discourse ** (E)
  • COMS 415. Communication Training and Development **
  • COMS 416. Business and Professional Communication **
  • COMS 433. Communication and Social Change ** (E)
  • COMS 439. Communication and Leadership **
  • COMS 457. Diversity in Communication **
  • COMS 459. Communication in Conflict Management **
  • COMS 465. Communication in Health Care ** (A)

* Prerequisites: COMS 130 or permission of instructor. ** Prerequisites: COMS 130 and COMS 330, or permission of the instructor.

Elective - Choose one 3-hour credit of COMS elective for the major.