Communication Week

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To turn classroom experience into practical experience, students in the School of Communication (SOC) create, plan and design COMS Week, a week dedicated to the profession of communication.

Students in Strategic Event Planning were divided into groups that mirror an actual agency. The four groups covered the philanthropy, guest speakers, carnival and social media pages for the weeklong event that spanned April 9-14.

“The exercise of event planning has helped me as a student by preparing me for other activities and events I have to plan since I am a member of different organizations,” said Grace Milauskas, who is working on social media for the event. “It has taught me how to plan and budget time better, and create realistic goals and objectives when planning these events.”

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Dave Parker ‘89

Parker (2)

One of the first events of Radford University’s COMS Week 2017 was Dave Parker’s ‘Like What You Do, Do What You Like: Career Advice from a TV and Radio Expert,’ Monday, April 10 at 10 a.m.

He spoke to the crowded Bonnie Auditorium with enthusiasm and nostalgia as he explained his experiences at Radford, and what it was like for him in the work force. Graduating in 1989, Parker got his start in the media industry with an internship in California, providing him with time working on several television game shows. After graduating Radford, Parker pursued a meteorology degree, and got a job doing the weather at a station in West Virginia.

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The students in the Strategic Event Planning course, who were the driving force behind COMS Week.

Melissa Brown ’08, MS ’11,


As COMS Week came to an end one speaker stood out to the Radford students and that is alumni Melissa Brown.

On Thursday, April 13 students filled the Bonnie auditorium for yet another speaker, but this presentation felt different. The air was filled with an excited buzz and the auditorium quickly neared maximum capacity. Brown walked down the aisle in her black two inch heals carrying an oversized bag and rushing a bit to set up her presentation. Her blonde curls bounced as she joked with students in the front row and then she began.

She attended Radford University for not only her undergraduate in communications degree, but also for her graduate degree in corporate and professional communication. Brown then worked for a few different public relations agencies before truly finding a home as the associate vice president of 5W Public Relations.

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