Why Study Foreign Languages and Literatures?

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Radford University offers a program with international skills that enhance our students’ opportunities to work in schools, business, health care, government, law, in library science, arts, diplomacy or the military, and in publishing, communication or tourism. 

Our program is designed to teach communication in other languages, to teach students to analyze language and literature, and to make students aware of the heritage of  other cultures. 

Consider these key features of this program:

  • We offer a bachelor of science for teachers and bachelor of arts.
  • There are several study abroad programs offered in China, Taiwan, Germany, France, Mexico and Spain.
  • We have semester studies offered in China, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Mexico and France.
  • All majors in modern foreign languages are required to show satisfactory participation in an intensive immersion experience in the language of their major in order to ensure proficiency in the foreign languages studied.
  • Choose from minors in foreign languages, classical humanities or intercultural studies.
  • Kirk Scholarship is available for students to go to China.

Career Options

Graduates of the foreign language program at Radford University will find career opportunities in a variety of areas, some of which may require additional education.  Typical foreign language careers may include: 

  • Translator/interpreter. Our graduates acquire positions in the social service and hospitality industries where they become translators and interpreters. 
  • Government. Graduates are employed as civil service workers, diplomats, FBI/CIA agents, customs inspectors and other government positions.
  • Teaching. Graduates become elementary, high school, college and university instructors.
  • Journalism. Graduates are employed as technical writers, copy editors, announcers, interpreters, editors and proofreaders.
  • Business. Graduates who know more than one language and culture will be better prepared for business transactions.

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