Why Study Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts major (IDSL) at Radford University offers students the unique opportunity to build an individualized multi-disciplinary course of study, enabling students to integrate two disciplinary concentrations and realize their educational vision.

Students are active and central designers of their customized major that transcends traditional academic programs. Through the application process, academic and career advising, and faculty mentoring, IDSL students bring together two areas of study.

The IDSL program is unique in the equal importance assigned to academic advising and focused career path development.

Consider these key features of this program:

  • Our program offers a flexible curriculum.
  • To gain entry into the program, applicants must demonstrate why their educational plan is best achieved via the interdisciplinary studies in liberal arts major.
  • Two selected areas of concentration can be combined to meet students’ educational goals.
  • Prospective students will create individualized plans of study and identify courses that meet their desired goals.
  • This program is suited to students pursuing either the bachelor of arts degree or the bachelor of science degree.

Career Options

Graduates of the interdisciplinary studies program at Radford University will find career opportunities in a variety of areas, some of these may require additional education. Typical interdisciplinary studies careers may include:

  • Writing. Graduates find careers as editors, journalists and education reporters.
  • Administration. Graduates have the unique opportunity to combine interests that will lead to administrative positions.
  • Education. Our graduates will find positions in school counseling, education policy and curriculum design and research.
  • Health care opportunities. Our graduates may become social workers, community activists and leaders of non-profit organizations.

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