Meet Our Faculty

We teach majors in our various disciplines, but we are also the majority of professors who will teach you the basics of a liberal arts education in the core curriculum.

Due to Radford’s low student-teacher ratio, we are able to know you individually and nurture your academic growth during your time at Radford.  Besides seeing you in the classroom, we invite you to come to our offices for further exploration of class topics or just to chat.  

How We Help

  • We will lead you to McConnell Library to explore relevant databases and collections related to your studies. 
  • We will work with you in psychology labs or out in the field in an Appalachian Folklore class to develop collaborative research that can often lead to presentations at professional conferences or publication. 
  • We will work one-on-one with you to develop your expertise in writing and to overcome any trepidation you have about speaking in public and we will enhance your experience with technology as we move you from social networking to uses of technology in and out of the classroom.
  • We also are here to promote many extracurricular activities and service learning opportunities for you.  For example, the women’s studies program sponsors a very active women’s history month in March of each year; students in the Sociology Department have partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia to develop a wall of fame for successful alums. The School of Communication and the English Department offer students writing and publishing experience through involvement on the Tartan, the campus newspaper, Whim, the on-line campus magazine, and Exit 109, the literary and arts journal. Also, the History Department fosters the opportunity for original research at the Marshall Library in Lexington, Va.  These are just a sampling of activities we sponsor that will enhance your education and career possibilities.

Meet a Few of Our Faculty

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Professor I-Ping Fu

I-Ping Fu, an associate professor of Chinese, teaches students to appreciate the Chinese culture as well as the language. After one or two years of Chinese studies, students are able to study abroad in China with Dr. Fu.


Professor Guy Axtell

Dr. Guy Axtell discusses his new Philosophy Goes to the Movies Class.


Professor Matthew Oyos

Professor of History Matthew Oyos believes studying history gives students a sense of who they are, how they fit into their own society, and where one day they will take that society.

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Professor Reginald Shareef

Reginald Shareef, a professor of political science, believes we are all impacted by public management and public policy processes. In his classes, he tries to link theories on these topics with practical applications, so students can learn and understand, while hopefully wanting to learn more about the policies that impact our daily lives.