CHBS Ambassadors


CHBS Ambassadors are advocates for the college to members of the campus community, future students and alumni. They represent a diversity of CHBS departments and programs.

Ambassadors are expected to attend the CHBS Advisory Board welcoming, aid in commencement ceremonies, escort CHBS dignitaries to receptions, and participate in off-campus recruitment during the week of Spring Break and additional duties as assigned.

The CHBS Advisory Board is a group of alumni and friends of the college who actively engage with RU and offer a perspective from beyond campus.

The duties of an ambassador also include assisting guest speakers’ arrival to campus, representing the college during Highlander Days and open houses and advocating for programs and fellow students.

Ambassadors are nominated by chairs or directors of their department or school. They must hold junior standing, as they will continue in the role as seniors.  Candidates must be in good academic and conduct standing, hold a minimum 3.2 GPA and be involved in other student organizations or groups.

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CHBS Student Ambassadors 2020-2021

Senior Class Representatives


Michelle Acosta (representing Communication)


Angie Giuffre (representing Criminal Justice)


Emily Wheeler (representing English)


Grace Bryant (representing Philosophy and Religious Studies)


Arlo Mason (representing Political Science)


Isabella Dominesey (representing Media Studies)


Mia Purcell (representing Psychology)


Christiana Rolack (representing Sociology)


Russel Alvarez (representing Sociology)

Junior Class Representatives

Photos and Name will be shared once students are selected.