Literacy and Academic Instruction

The Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center at Radford University maintains personnel who provide consultation to teachers, principals and divisions in areas of literacy instruction for students with disabilities and students who struggle in reading. Additionally, staff members are qualified to assist a division or school who may need support in developing a balanced literacy plan or participate in profession learning to improve literacy assessment and instruction.

The Virginia Department of Education’s website offers English and Reading Resources as does TTAC Online.

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A statewide literacy initiative

Currently Virginia’s Department of Education is addressing an instructional need by training teachers in a muli-sensory approach to literacy instruction through a pilot project. Teachers throughout the state received training during August 2015 and are currently being coached as they implement their learning. These teachers are learning how to support students with a specific learning disability in literacy. More resources about this learning disability and the work in Virginia can be found on the VDOE website.