Instructional Consultation Teams

What it is…

Instructional Consultation Teams (ICT) is a way for schools to organize and deliver services to support students and teachers. The school does this by establishing a problem solving team that supports student success and teacher autonomy in the general education classroom through case management. The ICT Problem Solving Process uses database decision making to strengthen teacher’s delivery of instruction and align resources. Each team member commits to professional learning around instructional consultation, which assists teachers in providing quality instruction that is matched to the student’s entry-level skills. Since the team members address reading, writing, math and behavior, students experience success in variety of curricula and the need for specialized services is reduced. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) partners with ICAT Resources to maintain credentialed trainers, evaluation tools, and materials.

How to participate…

Schools participating in the State Directed Project receive intensive professional learning opportunities from regional (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TAC). The professional learning opportunities build the skills and understanding needed to consult, coach and support colleagues. These skills include reflective communication, problem solving, data gathering and data analyzing. Additionally the team members learn how to conduct a Curriculum Based Analysis in reading, writing, math and behavior that assists in the systematic search for matched instruction. The trainings are embedded and utilize teachers and students from participating schools.

The initiative has a well-planned process for initiating, training, implementing and evaluating the project. This process improves schools’ delivery of instruction in the classroom, assists in determining tier instruction that aligns with the general education curriculum and improves student learning. The participating personnel work through three phases before reaching full implementation and sustainability. These three phases take 3 – 8 years to complete.

School personnel interested in additional information about the ICT project should contact Ruth McLachlan or Virginia Bussey.