Non-Degree Teacher Preparation

If you have a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue teaching licensure without an additional degree, you may follow these steps:

1.      Apply to the university as a non-degree-seeking undergraduate student.

2.      Submit transcripts for all college-level coursework to the Office of Field Experience and Licensure and request a transcript review for the licensure endorsement area you wish to pursue.

3.      After receiving your transcript review and recommended path to completion, begin taking courses required to meet licensure requirements.

4.      Complete all requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program, including entry tests.

5.       Apply to the Teacher Education Program according to the recommended path to completion in your transcript review.

Licensure Program Areas Offered at Radford University for Undergraduate—level Non-Degree-Seeking Students

*Elementary Education (Grades preK – 6)

Middle School Education – English, Math, Science, or Social Sciences (Grades 6 – 8)

Secondary Education – English, Math, Science, or Social Sciences (Grades 6 – 12)

Art Education (Grades preK – 12)

Music Education (Grades preK – 12)

Physical and Health Education (Grades preK – 12)

Spanish Education (Grades K – 12)

* Indicates programs in which students may begin field placement in either fall or spring semester, depending on when coursework and TEP entry requirements are complete.

Checklist of Teacher Education Program Entry Requirements for Students in All Programs

Test Requirements (with test codes) for Admission to the Teacher Education Program