Why Teacher Education at Radford University?


University faculty (not graduate students) who have advanced degrees and preK-12 classroom experience teach and supervise our teacher candidates; these scholar-practitioners have both academic expertise and a deep understanding of effective teaching practice. They care about children and about mentoring the next generation of educators.

Program Quality

Graduates of Radford University’s teacher education programs are known for exceptional classroom readiness. The heart of our success lies in intensive, field-based experiences. Over the course of their program, our teacher candidates are in preK-12 school placements for 300-500 hours under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced cooperating teachers in our partner school divisions. They are supervised by faculty who also teach program courses. Course work goes hand-in-hand with field work. Faculty and administrators continuously assess what we are doing to work toward program improvement.


The Schoolhouse Living and Learning Community

Students who aspire to be teachers have the opportunity to live in an on-campus residential living-and-learning community, where they participate together in courses and service and begin life-long professional relationships.


Students develop professional and leadership skills in these organizations:

o   Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), an education honors organization

o   Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA)

o   College of Education and Human Development Ambassadors

o   Educators Rising


The Radford University Foundation provides a quarter of a million dollars each year in scholarships to aspiring teachers. We also offer the federal TEACH Grant to students who have met requirements for the Teacher Education Program and are pursuing licensure in eligible subject areas. Students who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program can apply to the Virginia Scholarship Loan Program and several privately funded scholarships.

The Culture of Radford University and the College of Education and Human Development

In the College of Education and Human Development, we aspire to use our gifts and talents to support the people we serve. Collaboration, inclusivity and equity are values that inform everything we do.

Radford began in 1910 as a teacher education institution. Although the university’s scope has expanded dramatically since then, across campus there is a strong belief in excellent teaching complemented by scholarly and creative activities that often include undergraduate and graduate students.