Tuition Support

Radford University Tuition Support for Graduate Programs in Special Education

The primary purpose of these grants is to support students who have a provisional license or who are adding an endorsement.

Special Education: General Curriculum

Dr. Brooke Blanks is the contact for the general education curriculum grant at Radford University. 

Special Education: Adapted Curriculum Consortium

Dr. Elizabeth Altieri is the contact for the adapted curriculum consortium at Radford University. 

For this Consortium, you are also required to complete three essay questions

Early Childhood Special Education Consortium

Dr. Sharon Gilbert is the contact for the early childhood special education consortium at Radford University. 

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Angela Romine is the contact for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing tuition grant. You may access this grant by contacting Angela Romine and requesting an application. The application is also to be submitted to Angela Romine.

Autism Certificate

Dr. Leslie Daniel is the contact for the Autism Certificate grant.