STEL Admission Requirements

A program specific minimum *GPA (2.5-3.0) on all work at Radford University, in overall coursework comprising the major, and in professional studies coursework.
 (*The GPA requirement is dependent upon the specific program requirements, as outlined in the college catalog for admission year.)  Log into the portal to review your academic history information.
Successful completion of all admission prerequisites and coursework that are program specific. Submit copy of Program of Studies from your advising folder.
Copies of official passing score reports on the following tests: Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test or a combination of passing scores on the Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics assessment and the VCLA or qualifying SAT/ACT scores, Praxis II, and the VCLA.

Praxis Series


A professional resume and a handwritten essay.  
A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) form attesting to personal information, 
reading of materials, and agreement on policies outlined. Memorandum of Understanding
50 Clock Hours of experience in working with children or adolescents in structured learning situations (all secondary education, K-12, and all IDS majors). Document Form for 50 Clock Hours (PDF)
Results of a negative TB test or risk assessment.  
Proof of TDaP (adult pertussis) immunization booster (within 10 years).

Passing results of the Speech/Language/Hearing screening conducted by the RU Speech Clinic or private facility.  
Copies of completed certificates of training on “Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding for Educators”.  
Copies of all transcripts (unofficial) for all college level course work. Log into the portal to review your academic history information.
Copy of Program of Study (for Graduate Students only).  
Complete professional admission packet documenting all of the requirements. The Application can only be obtained by attending one of the mandatory meetings. Application to Teacher Education Program
No previous record of unsuccessful performance in a teacher preparation program prior to application to Radford University’s Teacher Education Program. Teacher Candidate Dispositions and Professional Characteristics
No record of serious violations of Radford University policies and codes of conduct (see Radford University Student Handbook). Academic Integrity Student Conduct
Basic requirements for licensure in Virginia.  
Continuous demonstration of effective oral and written communication skills.  
Continuous demonstration of the Professional Characteristics and Dispositions.  
Continuous demonstration of behavior in conformance with the RU Honor Code and Code of Ethics of the National Education Association.



Recommendation for admission into the Teacher Education Program and Field Experience through departmental review by program area faculty.