Frequently Asked Questions

What academic majors have teacher preparation options at Radford University?

All of the following majors have a secondary teaching option at Radford University:

* Students who hold a degree, or the appropriate coursework in the specific science area, begin the master's in education coursework. Students work on fulfilling both the licensure requirements and their coursework for a master's degree.

In addition to the secondary teaching option, the following majors offer a preK-12 teaching option:

What makes Radford University’s secondary program unique?

The secondary teacher education program is a cooperative endeavor between the various academic specialties and the College of Education and Human Development. Students in the various departments are recommended to the teacher education program and many departments actually take part in the courses in education and supervise the student teaching of their candidates. In addition, the program is designed around small groups of fifteen students.

What are the job prospects for secondary teachers?

Secondary teachers as a group comprise approximately one-third of all teachers. However, individuals are endorsed to teach specific subjects, (i.e., English, math, or social studies). The actual number of jobs coming open for any given subject matter field varies.

Where can I obtain additional information about teaching in the High School?

  • Talk to your secondary education teachers
  • Talk with the chair of the academic department in which you are thinking of majoring
  • RU School of Teacher Education and Leadership
  • RU Center for Experiential Learning and Career Development
  • RU McConnell Library
  • RU Academic Advising Centers